Corsa rosa_en

Corsa rosa_en

The  tenth edition of Corsa Rosa , Run – walk, a non competitive race dedicated to all women. The event will take place on march 4th, starting at 10 a.m form Piazza Vittoria and it is open to all women of all ages and motor skills. The 6 km path will develop along the streets of the fascinating historical centre of Brescia and will touch some typical locations of the city. The competitors will able to precede the race according to their capacities, either by running or simply by walking, with the aim of sharing  beautiful moments of happiness  during this physical activity. 

The arrival will be in Piazza Vittoria, where the first three athletes, the first five girls and the five most numerous groups will be awarded and where will also be set up a refreshement point for all the participants.

The event is organized by the Uisp of Brescia celebrating the Women's Day, requires a registration fee of the amount of  10 Euros. It will be possible to do  registration for the Uisp Committee in Brescia, in via Berardo Maggi 9, or directly in the special gazebo, set up in Piazza Vittoria up to half an hour before departure.

At the first 8 thousands participants, will be provided with a pack which shall include the official T-shirt of the event, the start number and some gadgets.

The use of the metro will be free throughout the whole day.

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